New CDL study guide

| 3/6/2002

A new book about trucking has hit the market to teach the future trucker "everything you need to know to pass the CDL exam." The easy-to-follow guide, from Delmar Learning is filled with tips and information from industry leaders across the nation.

The book, co-written by Van O'Neal and Alice Adams, is more than a study guide, it is a window into the transportation industry, offering up-to-date information and insight into the "real world" a prospective trucker might expect.

"Pass the CDL Exam: Everything You Need to Know" is filled with strategies and testing tips to help you pass the exam the first time. O'Neal and Adams are the director of a commercial truckdriving center and a driver-training specialist, respectively. The writers give the reader a first-hand look at prospects in today's industry as well as thorough preparation for each test a student must complete in order to get a CDL.

The book also includes easy-to-use periodic self-checks, NAFTA regulations, handy web sites to reinforce learning and information on the high-tech tools used in today's industry.