Ready for part two in Land Line's special series on the truth-in-leasing regs?

| 3/5/2002

In the February issue of Land Line, readers were introduced to the first in a special series of exclusive articles describing how owner-operators can spot illegal motor carrier leasing practices. We call this series "I-376: the road to better treatment from your motor carrier."

The March/April edition is now on its way to your mailbox with part two. In I-376 part two, we address chargebacks and what a carrier must do before making deductions to your compensation.

Other issues we'll cover in future issues include "can a carrier require you to purchase extra insurance?" "What are a carrier's obligations when you use its fuel card?" "If you are in the HHG industry, is the parent motor carrier or their local agent liable for violations of the leasing regs?" "When can motor carriers refuse to give back your escrow?"

Get your three-ring notebooks ready. These articles will be keepers.