Update: Robbery suspected in trucker's murder

| 3/4/2002

Authorities investigating the shooting death of a South Carolina truckdriver say it appears he was robbed after pulling off Interstate 20 in Alabama. Investigators still have not ruled out other motives.

Roy Galloway, of Inman, SC, was shot twice in the upper body outside his rig about 3:30 a.m. Monday after pulling into a small rest area off Interstate 20 near Talladega to let his wife drive. The stop at the Coldwater exit, near Talladega, reportedly was routine for the couple.

Investigators found Galloway's wallet about 30 yards from where his truck had been parked. All items in his billfold reportedly were intact, except for about $450 to $600 in cash that was missing.

Alma Galloway was on the passenger's side doing her pre-trip inspection when Galloway came around the front of the truck and told her to run and that he had been shot, according to a published report. She then ran to a nearby trucking company to call police.

Galloway died a short time later from the injuries he sustained. Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact the Talladega County Sheriff's Department at (256) 362-2748.