Nevada governor wants truckers to pay

| 3/4/2002

Gov. Kenny Guinn says out-of-state truckers aren't paying their fair share of taxes to help expand and make repairs on the state's roads and streets. Guinn brought up the issue last month at a meeting of the state Transportation Board as the panel discussed problems keeping up with maintaining the state's highways and building new roads.

While the governor did not say whether he would propose a plan in the 2003 Legislature to dig deeper into those truckers' pockets, he noted he is fearful the state's budget will be eaten up by maintenance work on existing roads and little will be left for new roads.

As the board weighed how to pay for road improvements, the governor offered truckers up. "The truckers, they don't pay their fair share," said Guinn.

He pointed out in-state trucks pay 15 cents per mile in taxes and fees compared to out-of-state trucks paying 7 cents per mile. Adding to the funding problem, Guinn said, is that as cars get more fuel-efficient, less money is collected in the state's fuel tax, which is one of the main sources for building and maintaining Nevada's roads.