CHP campaigns to curtail accidents on I-710

| 3/1/2002

California's Interstate 710 will be tagged by the California Highway Patrol for a crackdown on reckless truckdrivers. I-710 has been plagued by truck accidents in recent months.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the CHP plans to use two federal grants -- which total more than $300,000 -- to pay for the program to curb the high number of accidents on the freeway.

In 2001, there were 616 truck-involved collisions on the freeway, a number CHP officials hope to reduce through education programs. Last year, CHP officers issued 3,062 citations to truckdrivers on I-710.

Officials say the primary causes of truck-involved collisions are unsafe lane changes, speeding, passing violations, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and following too closely.

Most of the grant money will go toward an education campaign aimed specifically at truckdrivers. CHP commercial vehicle specialists will go to truck companies and make safety presentations for drivers. Part of the grant also will be spent on a driver awareness campaign, which includes two billboards, one on each side of the freeway, will depict a truck and a car harmoniously sharing the roadway.

"We aren't out to get truckdrivers to feel that we're out to get them," a spokesperson for the CHP said, noting that car drivers also cause many accidents. "This is not a case of CHP against truckers."