Trucker shot to death off I-20

| 2/27/2002

A truckdriver was shot and killed early Monday after pulling his rig off Interstate 20 in Alabama to let his wife drive. Investigators currently do not have a motive for the shooting, but have not ruled out anything, including road rage.

Roy H. Galloway, of Inman, SC, was shot twice in his upper body while stopped at a small truckstop off the highway at about 4 a.m. The stop at the Coldwater exit, near Talladega, reportedly was routine for the couple. Alma Galloway had been asleep until he stopped at the truckstop, according to a published report. She was on the passenger's side doing her pre-trip inspection when a car pulled up. A few moments later, Galloway came around to the passenger side of the truck and ordered her to run, saying he had been shot. She reportedly then ran to a nearby trucking company to call police. Galloway died a short time later from the injuries he sustained. Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact the Talladega County Sheriff's Department at (256) 362-2748.