Update: New Jersey scraps plan to amend heavy truck ban

| 2/26/2002

State transportation officials have rejected the recently proposed regulation to amend a ban prohibiting heavy trucks from several smaller New Jersey highways. The planned changes would have allowed truckers to connect smaller routes to larger routes and "avoid the roundabout routing necessitated by gaps in the network."

Acting Transportation Commissioner James Fox announced Feb. 21 he was withdrawing the plan to allow 102-inch-wide trucks to return to stretches of 12 highways in nine counties. Fox, a loyal Democrat, said the proposed regulation was hatched by the previous administration (Republicans) and "it was developed without the appropriate outreach to local officials and communities affected by it."

"The McGreevey administration and this department will not take measures that would unwisely ease truck restrictions," said Fox.

Former Gov. Christie Whitman originally imposed the ban in 1999. It prohibits the heavy trucks from traveling on roads that were not major highways designated as part of the Intrastate Access Travel network.