California proposal would keep truckers off foggy roads

| 2/21/2002

Assemblyman Dean Florez (D-Shafter) is looking at ways to prevent future fog-related accidents and has proposed legislation to keep truckers off fog-shrouded California highways.

Each winter highways in the central portion of the Golden State become fogged in at times, causing hazardous traffic conditions. In the last two months there have been three major pileups involving semis. Though the semis were not the cause of the accidents, according to the California Highway Patrol, Florez says he wants to prevent future accidents.

One submitted proposal is to force truckers off the road when the fog rolls in. But according to a report on Bakersfield News Channel KERO, truckdrivers are complaining they shouldn't be singled out and semis are not the cause of fog-related accidents. Truckers on the heavily traveled stretch of Highway 99, say the average car on the road can be much more dangerous.

At least some car drivers agree. "I think truckdrivers are the safest drivers on the road," one driver told KERO 23. "Why don't you talk to the car drivers and tell them to get off the road?" he told the station.

Reportedly, truckers said that the best thing to do on foggy days is to keep everyone off the road.