IdleAire installation planned for three Petro truckstops

| 2/15/2002

IdleAire Technologies Corp. announced Feb. 15 an agreement to install IdleAireAdvanced Travel Center Electrification (ATE) at Petro facilities. The first Petro ATE installations will be in Knoxville, TN, Atlanta, and West Memphis, AR. Construction is expected in April with facilities operational at all three locations by mid-summer.

IdleAire's ATE system places individual heating and air conditioning units on an overhead truss above each truck parking space. Heat, air conditioning, shore power and other services are supplied via a flexible hose that connects the overhead unit to the service delivery module placed in the truck window using a $10 template insert or in a special port in the sleeper. This insert converts the truck window into a universal access port for the IdleAire control console.

The ATE service module includes a laptop-type computer with 10.4-inch color touch screen used to control the heating and air-conditioning unit and for accessing the Internet. ATE basic services also include a local telephone line in every cab, television and Internet access with e-mail and other services. For the basic services, drivers are charged $1.25 per hour. Users also can purchase additional business and entertainment services.

To use the service a truckdriver pulls into a parking space adjacent to an IdleAire unit, installs the window insert into the driver or passenger window, and inserts the IdleAire control console into the window or directly to the truck via a custom access port built into the cab. The user then inserts a credit card or an IdleAire charge or debit card into the console's card reader. As soon as the IdleAire financial network verifies the payment, the unit becomes operational. Upon departure, the user returns the console to its original position outside the truck.