Trucker accuses two men of hijack attempt

| 2/15/2002

A truckdriver alleges that early Wednesday two men tried to run him off the road in North Carolina. Authorities in four states are on the lookout for the pair and believe they may have intended to hijack the fuel tanker, according to a published report.

The FBI and North Carolina Highway Patrol issued an alert for the Carolinas, Georgia and Virginia after the trucker told authorities the men tried to force him off a highway 30 miles east of Raleigh. Investigators believe it may have been a case of road rage, but the North Carolina patrol still broadcast a radio message to local police to be on the lookout for a Dodge Neon with New Jersey plates driven by two men who appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent and warning that the men could be armed.

The FBI reportedly asked the patrol to issue a statewide lookout for the men saying they were wanted for questioning "in what would appear to be an attempted hijacking of a tractor-trailer."