FMCSA goes infrared for Olympic truck inspections

| 2/14/2002

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is utilizing infrared technology to screen trucks and buses for potential problems with brakes, tires, and gears as they travel roads near the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. First used during the Persian Gulf War, officials say thermal-imaging cameras will enhance existing safety initiatives at the Olympics.

Through the closing ceremonies Feb. 24, FMCSA and DOT personnel from Utah, New Mexico, and Virginia as well as the product manufacturer, Infra Red Inspection System Ltd., is using this infrared technology. It was funded and evaluated by the FMCSA.

During the games, four vans equipped with high-resolution monitors will use an infrared sensor to screen trucks and buses traveling at highway speeds, noting temperature discrepancies with varying colors on those monitors. This system alerts roadside enforcement officers to identify possible problems.