Did Sen. Jacob really threaten to hurl a beer bottle at a truck?

| 2/13/2002

Apparently, he did. The Columbia Tribune reported Jan. 31 that Missouri state Sen. Ken Jacob (D-Columbia) made the comment during a Senate discussion of a bill to ban open containers of alcohol in vehicles.

While expressing his opposition for the bill, Jacob interjected his disdain for heavy trucks by saying the federal government should be more worried about slowing down the trucks than cracking down on open containers. He then added that such containers could be useful "because one of these days, when one of those big trucks go by, I'm going to hurl that beer bottle at a big truck."

Jacob is the key sponsor of a bill (SB946) that would lower truck speed limits and increase diesel fuel tax and other registration fees. If you want to tell Sen. Jacob you don't like his bottle-throwing comment or his split speed limit bill, call his office at (573) 751-2131.

--Rene Tankersley