Scheduled to deliver in Salt Lake City?

| 2/8/2002

The Utah Department of Transportation announced a number of road closures and detours now in effect in Salt Lake City as the city prepares for the Winter Olympics. Opening ceremonies are scheduled for Friday night.

Here are some specifics.

The best access for the downtown area is to use the expanded UTA system. Expect substantial delays on 400 South and 600 South. A half-mile section of Pioneer Road, between 2000 South and 2800 West (on the SR 201 Frontage Road), is temporarily closed to facilitate transportation operations during the games. The closure runs through Feb. 26.

Detours include traveling westbound on SR 201 and exiting at the Bangerter or Redwood Road exits, or taking the Interstate 215 north cutoff and exiting at California Avenue.

Other closed roads:

100 S. from 300 W. to 400 W. is closed.

200 S. from W. Temple to 200 W. is closed. Local business access will remain in place.

400 W. from S. Temple to 100 S. is closed. Detour signs direct motorists to the Gateway.

500 S. from State St. to W. Temple, left parking lane and one left travel lane restricted.

SB Main St. from 500 to 600 S. is closed.

SB W. Temple from S. Temple to 200 S. is closed. The Crossroads Mall parking lot SB exit to W. Temple will remain open.

NB W. Temple from 500 to 650 S. is restricted to one lane.

600 S. from W. Temple to Main St. has one left parking lane and one left lane restricted.

The closures and detours are now in effect through Feb. 26, 2002. To help you travel day-to-day during the Olympics, a special web site has been created. Visit and click on the "Olympic Transportation Information" button on the map.