Pennsylvania governor calls for better license security

| 2/7/2002

With the heightened threat of hazmat trucks being used for terrorist attacks, Pennsylvania Gov. Mark Schweiker announced several steps last week to improve the security of the state's commercial and standard driver's licenses.

In a radio address Feb. 2, Gov. Schweiker said the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation would conduct criminal history checks and fingerprint all truckdrivers who are granted a hazmat endorsement on their CDL. Random hazmat checks also will increase on the state's roads.

In addition, PennDOT will work with the state's General Assembly to create stiffer penalties for individuals guilty of identity fraud. They also plan to work more closely with other states to improve and standardize driver's licenses and ID card procedures. Expiration dates for non-U.S. citizen driver's licenses also will expire on the same day as immigration visas.