Acid truck stolen near Los Angeles

| 1/4/2002

Police in the Los Angeles area are searching for a truckload of nitric acid stolen from a chemical distribution company on New Year's Eve. The theft is believed to be a burglary and not an act of terrorism.

The chemical, commonly known as engraver's acid, was in five 100-pound metal canisters on the back of a stake bed truck waiting for shipment, according to a published report. The acid is a highly corrosive liquid that can be mixed with other agents to make fertilizers and explosives.

The truck, taken from Del Amo Chemical Co. in Gardena, was identified as a white Chevrolet model 3500 with the California license plate 5T68532. The company name "Dacco" was painted on one of the truck's doors. Anyone with information should call (213) 485-2507 or the LAPD's 24-hour toll-free number 1-877-LAWFULL (529-3855).