More money for CHP commercial enforcement efforts

| 12/27/2001

Beginning Jan. 1, California Highway Patrol (CHP) says it will launch an 18-month, $1.2 million enforcement and public awareness campaign funded by a state Office of Traffic Safety grant targeting commercial truck drivers who speed, drive under the influence or commit other violations.

According to the CHP, the project is zeroing in on truck-at-fault incidents and their is a 5 percent reduction in the number of those kind of collisions determined to be the fault of the truck and resulting in deaths and injuries.

The grant will pay for 22,930 hours of overtime, with the funds distributed according to the percentage of deaths and injuries caused by trucks in the CHP's eight field divisions, said Commissioner D. O. "Spike" Helmick.

"Truck-at-fault collisions are the result of poor driving. We're working with the trucking industry to target the minority of commercial drivers who violate basic traffic safety laws," Helmick said.

Mechanical violations are the cause of less than 1 percent of truck-at-fault collisions, Helmick said.

Officers will be looking for truckers who speed, follow too close, drive under the influence, make unsafe lane changes, and fail to stop for signals and stop signs, among other violations.

Another portion of the grant funds will be used to provide refresher training for officers in commercial enforcement.