Vehicles to be X-rayed on Ambassador Bridge

| 12/20/2001

The U.S. Customs service will soon employ a giant X-ray machine to scan vehicles crossing the Ambassador Bridge. The added security is part of the federal government's push to thwart terrorism.

Any vehicle suspected of hiding something will be X-rayed. "It's intended for trucks, but it can be used on cars, too," Wendell Clark, assistant director of the Port Authority Operations in Detroit, recently told a group of police officials and community leaders. "There are a lot of hiding places on a truck."

The machine is scheduled for installation on the Detroit side of the bridge in January. No machine is planned for the Windsor Tunnel because most trucks use the bridge.

The imaging machine is reportedly the size of a small car wash and will cost more than $1 million. "It has to be huge to put an entire tractor-trailer in it," Clark said. "The entire vehicle fits into the machine's cavity and then it is X-rayed."