New Jersey extends 65-mph limit

| 12/14/2001

As of Dec. 15, drivers are able to cruise at 65 mph on 125 more miles of New Jersey state highways. The changes expand the amount of roadway in the state with a 65-mph limit from 475 miles to 600 miles.

New Jersey is raising the speed limit to 65 mph on sections of 11 highways. The longest stretch of highway where the speed limit will be raised is 35 miles of Route 287, from Edison north to Morristown. Two highways - Routes 24 and 280 - will get 65-mph zones for the first time. Meanwhile, Routes 78 and 80 will have their 65-mph sections extended farther east.

Critics insist the higher speeds will make the state's highways more dangerous. The state Transportation Department, however, spent three years studying the impact of the higher speed limit on the roads where it was imposed in 1998 and determined the increase did not cause more accident deaths.