Officer involved in road rage against trucker

| 12/12/2001

A Tennessee Capitol Police officer was allegedly involved in a road-rage incident last summer against a truckdriver. The accusation "was really never investigated" because no one filed a formal complaint with the Department of Safety internal affairs division.

Department spokeswoman Dana Keeton told Land Line, officer Sharon McFall was allegedly traveling south on Interstate 65 in Williamson County in her personal 1997 Ford Expedition when a semi pulled into her lane. Trucker Richard Lee Clanton of Carbon Hill, AL, claimed that McFall pulled alongside his truck and began "yelling and giving (him) the finger." Then, he said, McFall "flashed (her) badge."

Clanton asserted that "when the Expedition pulled even with (his) truck again, she had a gun, waving it, but did not think she pointed it at him," Keeton said.

The trooper called to the scene took both McFall and Clanton to a Williamson County magistrate, who refused to let either file charges. "The trooper and magistrate both heard differing versions of what happened and decided to not allow either to press charges against the other," said Keeton.

In an unrelated occurrence, McFall has since been suspended with pay with a recommendation that she be terminated as a result of a domestic disturbance in October, involving then-Capitol Police Chief Roger Huntley and his wife.
--Keith Goble