California issues vehicle license fee rebates

| 12/12/2001

A recent law passed in California is responsible for refunds to state base-plated trucking companies. Checks totaling $5.8 million began going out in the mail to California motor carriers in February 2000, but some owner-operators may not have received checks yet.

The refunds are the result of a new law establishing a vehicle license fee (VLF) in lieu of any ad valorem property tax on vehicles. International Registration Plan (IRP) registrants were just beginning to receive refunds from California on their base plate fee in November 2001. State officials with the IRP say the process is taking much longer to accomplish than originally intended and that some California-based owner-operators have not received a refund because the rebate checks were mailed to the current business owner or carrier who may have initially paid base plate fees, but ultimately charged back cost of base plates to the owner-operator.

The state says rebate checks are mailed only to the current business address on file. The carrier to whom you were leased may have received a refund. If you, the truck owner, paid for the base plates, contact Brenda Palmer, special projects manager for the IRP. She will track your refund. You may contact her at (916) 657-6462.
--Donna Carlson