Senate approves Mexican truck access

| 12/5/2001

The Senate approved a transportation appropriations bill Tuesday that includes provisions to allow Mexican trucks full access to U.S. roads. The legislation imposes safety requirements Mexican trucks must meet before they can start hauling cargo across the United States.

President George W. Bush is expected to sign the bill, which he threatened to veto earlier this year after the House and Senate passed separate legislation at odds with White House priorities on Mexican trucks. Both sides agree that by the time federal screening systems for the trucks can be implemented, the Bush administration's goal of allowing Mexican trucks full access by Jan. 1 will likely be delayed, probably for months.

The House approved the bill 371 to 11 last week after congressional negotiators and the White House compromised on the heated Mexican truck issue. For more information, see "Mexican truck roadblock gives way to compromise," a Land Line news story posted on this web site Dec. 3.