Montana implements "Move Over" law

| 11/30/2001

The Montana State Patrol is now beginning to ticket drivers who fail to slow down when approaching an emergency vehicle on roads within the state. Law enforcement officials say no more driver warnings will be given under a new law that went into effect earlier this year.

Up to this point, the state patrol has been issuing warnings to drivers who fail to abide by the new law, the Billings Gazette reported. The "Move Over" law requires drivers on interstate highways or multiple lane highways to move over to the farthest lane away from the stopped emergency vehicle. On two-lane highways, drivers have to slow to at least 20 mph below the posted speed limit when passing a stopped emergency vehicle.

The law was implemented because one trooper was killed and at least 14 other highway patrol vehicles have been wrecked when hit from the rear by inattentive drivers in the last five years.