Quebec trucking firm fined $10,000 for unsafe rig

| 11/29/2001

A Quebec trucking company was fined $10,000 in a provincial court this week for allowing a trucker to drive a poorly maintained truck. The driver, Carl Larosse of Quebec, was convicted in April of driving a commercial vehicle without having it properly inspected.

Grains Piermon Inc. of St. Marcel De Richeli, Quebec, was charged with failure to maintain a commercial vehicle. The charges stem from a roadside inspection in October 2000 by the Cambridge Ontario Provincial Police of the tractor-trailer, which was loaded with 71,000 pounds of steel while driving on Highway 401 in Cambridge.

The tractor-trailer was found to have three under-inflated tires, one flat tire, a broken air suspension system, a severe crack on one of the rims, numerous wheel lug nuts that were improperly tightened and several tires that were balding. Police allegedly pulled the rig over because the tires were wobbling.