Illinois senator may propose tarp law for trucks

| 11/29/2001

State Sen. Doris C. Karpiel may draft a law next January that would require all semi-trucks to have a tarp covering and securing any loads they carry. The Illinois senator said she has been in touch with constituents who are voicing complaints about excessive dust and debris-covered roads in their South Elgin neighborhoods.

According to an executive secretary in Karpiel's office, the senator has been in touch with residents, village officials and management at the Fox River Stone gravel mine to try and find a solution. "If you're traveling on the highway, you don't want to be worrying about something bouncing off a truck and landing on your car," Karpiel told Chicago's Daily Herald. "It only makes sense to cover up the gravel or stones they're carrying in the truck."

Karpiel's office told Land Line though nothing is drafted yet, she could propose legislation on tarping as soon as January 2002. She said the proposed legislation will target only gravel and rock loads and perhaps "loose stuff flying off trucks."

The senator is not sure the legislation would pass both the Senate and House. Similar legislation has been drafted before, but has not been successful, she noted.
--Donna Carlson