New York tracks WTC debris trucks

| 11/28/2001

New York City officials are tracking trucks carrying debris from the World Trade Center in an effort to prevent theft, according to a published report. More than 120 trucks have been fitted with the global positioning system (GPS) units, the New York Post reported. The new security move is estimated to cost the city more than $100 million.

City officials and several other agencies, including the FBI, will monitor the trucks as they haul debris from the site. If a truck strays from its intended route or speeds its engine can be disabled by remote. The device also emits a signal if the transmitter is tampered with.

The system is being put into place after more than 250 tons of scrap metal from ground zero was discovered last month in three unofficial dumps on Long Island and in New Jersey. Authorities believe scrap metal and other debris on its way to the Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island was diverted to the other yards so it could be sold. No arrests have been made, but the investigation is ongoing.

All debris is sent to the landfill so investigators can sort through it for any evidence or human remains. The city also plans to start taking photos of the trucks as they leave the site and again as they enter the landfill.