OOIDA member comes through for New York

| 11/28/2001

In New York City's time of need, OOIDA member Franklin Hurst answered the call. He recently trucked donated relief items from his hometown to ground zero. Hurst came through when a fellow trucker who was scheduled to deliver the items to New York was unable to make the trip and hundreds of pounds of water, fruit juice, canned goods, shovels, picks, flashlights, batteries and clothing sat in his hometown of Newbern, TN.

Hurst and his wife Joann were in Texas Sept. 11 and once they arrived home they set out to see what they could do to help. Hurst said Joann told local organizers of the relief effort that Franklin would be willing to drive the materials out east as she made her donation at an area church. But at that time, organizers thought they had transportation lined up. When the ride fell through, organizers called Hurst and asked him if he could make the haul. He was more than willing.

"I dropped everything when they called and asked for my help," Franklin told Land Line. He called his dispatcher and told them what was going on. "The dispatcher said 'go for it.' So, I went." Franklin's 48-foot trailer was quickly filled with goods and headed east. Franklin says donating his time and truck to the effort was the least he could do. "Everybody is doing something," he said. "If these people were good enough to take the time and effort to donate, it's my job to make sure everything gets there." He said the terrorist attacks have brought out the best in Americans. "(The terrorists) may have thought we would fall apart after the attacks, but it didn't work. It brought everybody together."

Franklin was thankful for the opportunity to pitch in and deliver the donated items from his hometown to the people of New York. "It turned out to be a good deal," he said. "I think they appreciated it."
--Keith Goble