Volvo, Mack truck deliveries slide

| 11/21/2001

Volvo Global Trucks announced Nov. 19 that deliveries for this year are down 16 percent worldwide from 2000. Volvo, Renault V.I. and Mack Truck deliveries dropped 37 percent in North America, 7 percent in Europe, and 13 percent in Asia, compared to last year. Total order intake fell 11 percent. Volvo shipped 127,661 units through the first three quarters of 2001, down from 151,104 a year ago.

Volvo delivered 11,451 trucks to North America through the first three quarters of 2001, compared to 19,653 over the same time last year. Mack Truck deliveries fell from 28,934 in 2000 to 18,005 in 2001.

The North American heavy truck market continues to be very weak, with low prices on used trucks, and low demand for new trucks resulting in poor profitability. "The situation in North America remains grave," said Tryggve Sthen, president and CEO of Volvo Global Trucks, in a released statement. "All things considered, this has been a difficult year."