Canadian study says trucks greener than rail

| 11/16/2001

A study released earlier this month by Environmental Canada says big rigs are more environmentally friendly than trains. The study found that since the 1970s, trucks have reduced their emissions by more than 80 percent, decreased their fuel consumption rate by 50 percent and increased their payload efficiency by 300 percent.

"The study dispels many of the myths surrounding the negative impacts of trucks on the environment," David Bradley, CEO of the CTA, said in a released statement. The study, entitled Trucks and Air Emissions, shows that on a per unit basis, truck emission rates are lower than locomotive emission rates for some of the worst emissions - notably particulate matter (PM) and nitrous oxides (NOx) - in constant load tests.

The CTA also says a major factor driving the trucking industry's environmental improvement is new diesel fuel and engine regulations that will see truck engine emissions of PM and Nox virtually disappear with the 2007 model year trucks.