Heavy motor vehicle traffic expected for Thanksgiving

| 11/9/2001

AAA has announced it expects an increase in people traveling by motor vehicle this Thanksgiving. Apprehensions with flying, along with significantly lower fuel prices compared to last year, are reasons more people are expected to travel by motor vehicle.

AAA estimates 34.6 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles from home by motor vehicle this year as compared to 36.8 million last Thanksgiving. Overall travel during Thanksgiving is expected to drop 6 percent, while an estimated 87 percent are expected to travel by motor vehicle - the highest percentage ever recorded by the group. Eighty-three percent traveled by road last Thanksgiving.

"With all the recent doom and gloom in the travel industry, a 6 percent drop is a definite improvement from the double-digit declines of the last two months," AAA Travel Vice President Sandra Hughes said in a released statement.