Kenworth launches major fuel economy awareness program

| 11/1/2001

Kenworth Truck Company has launched a major fuel economy awareness program to assist fleets and owner-operators interested in improving fuel efficiency.

To kick off the program, Kenworth has produced a comprehensive "White Paper on Fuel Economy" and created a "Dynamics of Fuel Efficiency" web site link at

Kenworth's "White Paper on Fuel Economy" explores six major areas - aerodynamics, component spec'ing, advanced technology, route management, driver behavior, and proper maintenance. The component spec'ing section offers a tire tips section.

Despite the recent fall from extremely high diesel prices, Kenworth General Manager and PACCAR Vice President Ed Caudill noted that fuel continues to be one of the leading operating costs in the trucking industry. "It's certainly a smart business decision to explore ways to achieve improved fuel economy for your fleet or truck," Caudill said in a released statement. "I've yet to meet a fleet manager or owner-operator who'd be unhappy to keep more money in their pocket by spending less on fuel."

The Kenworth white paper offers recommendations and tips to help fleets and owner-operators reduce fuel costs. Operating a properly spec'd aerodynamic truck is one key step. Spec'ing tips also focus on enhancing vehicle aerodynamics, reducing mechanical resistance, selecting the right engine and gearing for the intended application, and choosing the proper tires to reduce rolling resistance. The white paper also suggests fuel-economy tips to help drivers get the most out of their equipment and proper maintenance reminders.