FMCSA stresses "highest state" of alert

| 11/1/2001

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is calling for the trucking industry to be on its "highest state" of vigilance for the next few days. The motor carrier safety agency is responding to FBI's latest nationwide terrorist alert.

Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge said Tuesday the warning is due to the convergence of information from credible sources. At a White House news conference, Ridge said the material has been "deemed related to Osama bin Laden or his al-Qaida network" but did not elaborate. According to Attorney General John Ashcroft, the warning was issued following receipt of intelligence that terrorists may attack U.S. interests in retaliation for the bombing of Afghanistan. Ashcroft said 18,000 law enforcement agencies were advised to go on the highest alert.

Federal agencies, meanwhile, were increasing security and immigration authorities were boosting their efforts to keep suspected terrorists from coming onto U.S. soil. As on Oct. 11, when the FBI issued a similar warning, truckers should be especially observant and take every precaution with equipment, loads and any person or persons who may be acting suspiciously. If you are hauling hazmat, take extra precautions. FMCSA is asking trucking companies large and small to account for each truck.
--Land Line staff