Some 563 Florida CDL holders must retest

| 10/23/2001

Florida officials say they are ordering more than 500 truckdrivers, some of whom may have obtained their commercial licenses improperly, to retest. If they fail to show up, their licenses will be revoked.

Of the 563 recalls, 516 are connected to a Naples-area truckdriving skills tester; 47 are linked to an investigation underway that involved a Miami-Dade driver's license bureau, The Miami Herald reported. Those truckers who have received the notice must go to a state-operated testing center.

Reportedly, Florida has relied on third-party private testers in the past. As a result, about 90 percent of CDL exams are given by private testers throughout the state. Robert Sanchez, spokesman for the Department of Motor Vehicles, said the department has implemented several changes in recent months. One change is that the state no longer allows interpreters to help CDL applicants.

The agency is also watching for sharp rises in instances where holders of a Florida CDL exchange it quickly in another state, Sanchez said. "Such situations would point to those CDL holders who may have come to Florida just to procure the first license."