West Virginia seeks action on overweight coal trucks

| 10/19/2001

West Virginia's attorney general says the state isn't doing enough to keep overweight coal trucks off highways. Gov. Bob Wise is said to be studying the issue.

Attorney General Darrell McGraw says he wants to start a pilot program to show just how inadequate state enforcement efforts are, according to The Dominion Post. Instead of targeting drivers, McGraw wants the state to target coal companies that contract with the drivers. "We want to file a legal action to challenge coal companies who are overloading the trucks and challenge the people (dock owners) who are receiving the coal, profiting from the contraband in overloaded trucks," McGraw said.

The load limit on West Virginia's rural roads is 65,000 pounds and 80,000 pounds on four-lane highways. However, coal trucks are often stopped carrying between 140,000 and 185,000 pounds.