FBI checks Iowa truckers

| 10/19/2001

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said earlier this week it has given the names of some Iowa truckdrivers to the FBI in connection with a counter-terrorism review of trucking companies.

FMCSA is checking driving rosters at 698 Iowa trucking companies that haul hazardous materials. Records from eight Iowa truckdriving schools also are being studied.

Federal officials are comparing drivers' names to an FBI "watch list" and are asking managers if there is anything suspicious about employees. The reviews, expected to be completed within two weeks, are part of a nationwide check of trucking firms that transport hazardous cargo.

The scrutiny began after FBI agents investigating the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks found that several men had obtained fraudulent licenses to haul hazardous materials. Officials are concerned about the potential for attacks that could include trucks loaded with flammable liquids, poison gases or other hazardous materials, The Des Moines Register reported.

The state's Department of Transportation continues to routinely stop all trucks carrying hazardous cargo and the State Patrol has increased its inspections.