Update: trucking south of the border

| 10/17/2001

Mark Cervantes has been without his truck for more than four months now. The truck and its load was seized by Mexican customs on July 6 as Mark was enroute to Belize. Cervantes, an OOIDA member, says there were restrictions on the load involving certain toys and other items. Mark says he was not aware of these new restrictions and that his broker did not inform him. (See article in Oct. LL)

The truck and trailer still sit across the border from Pharr, TX. Mark has since gone back to Belize where he owns a home. The company he is leased to, A & R, has given him a position as general manager. He checks loads as they come in from the ship docks. Mark is thankful for the opportunity to work since he can no longer get behind the wheel of his truck that Mexican officials refuse to relinquish.In recent weeks, Mark has heard promising news, giving him hope the truck will soon be freed, only to have the news turn out to be false.

"You get information leading one way and then you get information leading you the other way," Cervantes tells Land Line. "I'm told that the truck will be released on a certain date then after that date comes and goes I'm told I'll get it shortly. It's more frustrating than you could ever know."The latest ray of hope came from a Mexican official in Reynoso. The man guaranteed the truck would be released but he was not sure on what circumstances.

"He said it might just be the cab, or the truck and trailer minus the load, but it would be released," Mark says. "He said he would be the one to make the final decision."