FBI queries Colorado trucking school

| 10/16/2001

According to Time magazine's Oct. 22 issue, the FBI has checked student records at a truckdriving school in Colorado as federal agents nationwide attempt to prevent the use of trucks loaded with dangerous materials in terrorist attacks. As many as 35 Arab men who reportedly took the school's two-week truckdriving course over the past two years never asked for help finding jobs.

The magazine says agents visited Careers Worldwide trucking school in Henderson for a few hours last week, checking for specific names of 25 to 35 Arab men.

The men, who attended the school in small groups, all received Colorado truckdriving licenses despite their inability to speak any English, the Time article reported. The men reportedly all had the same interpreter.

But a man who has taught at the school for the last four years told the Denver Post the report is bogus and that the men never attended the school. The school's owner also denied that non-English speakers were being trained there.

The FBI and other agencies have been visiting truckdriving schools nationwide. They have scrutinized 2.5 million licenses to carry hazardous material because of concern trucks hauling such cargo could be used as bombs. Careers Worldwide does not provide training for hazardous-material transport and is not certified by the Professional Truck Driver Institute.