Three indicted for fraudulently "arranging" for CDLs

| 10/12/2001

Three men were indicted this week on charges they helped arrange Florida commercial driver's licenses for unqualified applicants, The Miami Herald reported.As a result of the indictments, hundreds of truckdrivers throughout the nation may be forced to retake the driver's examination or risk losing their licenses.

Tester Jorge Carranza falsified test results and failed to flunk applicants who committed violations during the test that are grounds for automatic failure, according to the newspaper. Carranza, who formerly worked for Three S Trucking of Fort Lauderdale, is a state-certified private tester.

According to the Herald, Carranza and two other Three S Trucking employees reportedly received cash payments of at least $50 from Lech Rzedzian and Felix Mamedov, in return for arranging that CDL applicants passed their skills tests regardless of their driving knowledge and ability. According to the Herald, many of the applicants are of Eastern European descent with poor English skills. They were brought to Florida from Illinois to get CDLs. Carranza claims he never overlooked infractions or falsified test scores. And the $50 he sometimes received was a tip.

The indictment says Rzedzian assisted applicants in fraudulently passing written CDL tests, according to the Herald. Mamedov, an interpreter, helped the applicants cheat on the state's written knowledge test. Three S Trucking has not been charged.