New York driving: a real challenge for truckers

| 10/12/2001

Truckdrivers have always considered Long Island and other boroughs of New York tough driving. There is always construction, idling restrictions and a lack of parking space. Now with high security at the tunnels and bridges since the WTC attack, one of the worst places to haul to has gotten worse.There are many truckers who are avoiding New York, The New York Times reported.

According to the Port Authority, the average daily one-way truck traffic over the George Washington Bridge and the Lincoln Tunnel has increased by 1,700 trucks per day now that the Holland Tunnel is closed.

Donald Broughton, the senior transportation analyst for A.G. Edwards and Sons, an investment brokerage house in St. Louis, estimated that it costs a trucking company as much as $100 an hour for a truck to be idling in traffic."The rate was always a premium to go to New York," said Broughton. "In light of the security, that premium will go even higher and ultimately that will be passed on to the customer." Though the company may charge more, there is little chance that the driver will get paid more, he said.