Railroad bans dangerous shipments day before bombing begins

| 10/11/2001

In concert with several federal and military agencies, the nation's railroads issued a 72-hour moratorium on certain dangerous shipments beginning early Sunday afternoon, Oct. 7, one day before the U.S. military began bombing in Afghanistan.

During this three-day period, the railroads are not be accepting certain dangerous military goods and chemicals for shipment, according to a notice issued by the National Industrial Transportation League. If such shipments were already en route on the railroads, they were either delivered, or diverted and held in a secured location under armed guard.

The railroads have taken this action in concert with the departments of Defense and Transportation, the intelligence agencies, the Surface Transportation Board, as well as the Senate and House of Representatives, in response to a national threat.

The Association of American Railroads advises its members the list of dangerous hazardous materials affected by the railroads' ban can be found in Bureau of Explosives Tariff #6000-U, section 172.101 Domestic Table Hazard Class 2.3 and 6.1, Zone A, B, C or D for PIH or poison gas only. AAR noted that normal sulfuric acid is not included in the railroad list.

Railroads who have questions were advised to call AAR's Chuck Dettman at (202) 639-2200 or NITL's Ed Rastatter at (703) 524-5011.