Arkansas tests infrared brake inspection technology

| 10/8/2001

The Arkansas Highway Police Division is testing new infrared technology for inspecting commercial trucks and buses for bad brakes and other mechanical problems.

The latest test of the Infrared Inspection System (IRIS) near the weigh station on Interstate 40 in Mayflower on Sept. 27 is part of a three-month evaluation period by the state. Mounted atop an unmarked van, IRIS screened trucks at highway speeds just before they approached the weigh station entrance ramp. When IRIS detects a problem, officers in the van notify weigh station officers of which trucks to inspect.

IRIS uses infrared heat sensors to detect faulty brakes as well as exhaust leaks, over-inflated tires, hot wheel-bearings and other mechanical problems.

The U.S. Department of Transportation tested the system in Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee during a two-year pilot program beginning in 1999.