Missouri bridge to be rebuilt after accident

| 10/5/2001

An overpass struck earlier this week by a 30-ton steel tank hauled on the back of a truck near Lebanon, MO, will have to be demolished. The accident mangled girders supporting the overpass on Interstate 44.The force of the impact by the 32-foot-long, 13-foot-tall, high-pressure tank reportedly bent four 3-foot wide beams up to eight feet.

Although damage was limited to the eastbound lanes, the collision's effect on the beams might have extended over the westbound lanes. The remote possibility of a collapse prompted the decision not to try to open the westbound lanes.The process of demolishing the bridge reportedly could take at least four weeks. A new overpass will cost $2-3 million.The Enid, OK, trucking company hired to haul the tank is being contacted by the Missouri Department of Transportation to pay for the damage, the Springfield News-Leader reported. The truckdriver was not injured, but was cited for violating a MoDOT special permit that required him to follow a route avoiding overpasses.