FBI reportedly thwarts truck bomb attack

| 10/2/2001

FBI agents believe they have foiled a terrorist attack on the Sears Tower in Chicago, according to a report from ABC News. The report comes as federal authorities are increasingly warning of additional terror attacks in the wake of the Sept. 11 suicide hijackings.

Based on evidence seized from several men arrested in the Midwest last week, federal investigators are confident they disrupted a terrorist cell planning a possible truck bomb attack on the 110-story skyscraper - the tallest building in the nation.

Among the belongings of the five men taken into custody - three in Detroit, one near Chicago and one in Iowa - were drawings and information on computer disks relating to the skyscraper. And at least four of the five men had fraudulently obtained licenses to drive tanker trucks carrying hazardous materials.

The men have yet to be charged with involvement in any terrorist act and it was not clear when the possible attacks on the Sears Tower may have been planned.

"We believe that there is the likelihood of additional terrorist activity and it is our job to do whatever we can to interrupt it, to disrupt it," Attorney General John Ashcroft said Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation."

Ashcroft said federal authorities have arrested or detained more than 500 people in connection with its terrorism investigation. "We believe that there are others [who] may be in the country who would have plans ... to do things," Ashcroft added. "And we think that there is a very serious threat of additional problems now."