FBI: Truckers not linked to hijackers

| 9/28/2001

Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller said Thursday that there does not appear to be any connection between about 20 men who might have fraudulently sought commercial driver's licenses to transport hazardous materials and the 19 hijackers in the terrorist attacks.

Mueller told news reporters many people have been arrested on charges related to efforts to obtain the licenses. But, he added, "It is our preliminary belief that those arrests do not relate in any way, or the individuals arrested pursuant to that investigation do not relate to the occurrences of Sept.11."

Authorities continue to investigate the possibility that the men, most of which are still in federal custody, may have been involved in a separate terrorist plot, or simply participating in a scheme to obtain the licenses without proper credentials to qualify for higher-paid driving assignments, The New York Times reported.

One official who spoke to the newspaper on the condition of anonymity said that investigators hadn't yet ruled out some link to terrorism in connection with the licenses but that the possibility seemed to be diminishing in the minds of investigators.