Pennsylvania lawmaker to propose split speeds

| 9/27/2001

Pennsylvania State Rep. Ron Marsico (R-Dauphin) wants to reduce the speed limit for trucks on interstates and other major highways in the state. The Keystone State last had split speeds in 1973.

Marsico plans to introduce legislation this fall that would establish a maximum speed limit of 55 mph for vehicles exceeding 9,000 pounds and allow all other vehicles to continue to cruise at 65 mph.

Marsico told the (Chambersburg) Public Opinion newspaper that large and heavy commercial vehicles that travel at "excessive speeds" are extremely dangerous. "I believe the momentum of such vehicles is too great to permit travel at speeds exceeding 55 mph," he said.

Pennsylvania truckers, time to lend your expertise on the dangers of speed differentials. To voice your opinions to Rep. Marsico, call his office at (717) 783-2014.