Massachusetts steps up haz mat inspections; watch for more states to follow

By Land Line staff | 9/26/2001

Truckdrivers who haul hazardous material should anticipate greater scrutiny from state enforcement agencies. Steve Campbell, executive director of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, (CVSA) indicated Wednesday in a memo that because of information received yesterday from the FBI that some of the suspected terrorists may have attempted, or be attempting, to obtain CDLs with hazardous materials endorsements, the Massachusetts State Police inspectors are placing an emphasis on Level 3 driver-only inspections, especially on drivers hauling hazardous materials.

According to information from CVSA, such activity includes a CDLIS check on all of these drivers, and a more detailed interview of the driver. Based on the interview, the inspectors may cross reference the driver's name with the FBI's NCIC data base and take any further action as needed.

"This is just one example of special enforcement efforts being taken by CVSA enforcement agency members," said Campbell.

More states are expected to implement stepped-up inspection policies.