Canadian truckers threaten to stop crossing border

| 9/24/2001

Frustrated with delays sometimes exceeding 12 hours to enter the United States in the aftermath this month's terrorist attacks, Canadian truckers are threatening to park their semis rather than be hassled by tight new security. About 70 percent of Canada's trade with the United States moves by truck.

The log jam at the border is testing the limits of the two countries distribution network as bottlenecks hamper some of the world's busiest crossing points. "You've got guys sitting in that lineup that aren't being paid, which is a big part of the problem," David Bradley, president of the Canadian Truckers Alliance, told Reuters. He said it is getting more difficult to persuade drivers to continue to take loads out only to be stuck for hours at the border because of heightened security.

Bradley said there was also growing concern that some receivers might start refusing loads if drivers miss the just-in-time window. Shippers were hurting too as the situation entered into its second week and there were bound to be business failures.

About 75,000 Canadian truckers transport goods into the United States and normally a truck crosses the border into the United States every 2.5 seconds.