Air brake inspection blitz results revealed

| 9/20/2001

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) and the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators has announced the results of "Operation Air Brake" held earlier this month. The next inspection blitz is planned for sometime in October.

The event, which was publicly announced, took place Sept. 5 when the braking systems of 11,294 vehicles were inspected during 16 hours of roadside checks. A total of 2,009 vehicles (17.8 percent) were placed out of service because of brake-related defects. Seventy five percent of these defects were for brake adjustment problems. The out-of-service rate for the September 2000 announced event, during which 8,912 vehicles were inspected, was 16.7 percent.

About 93,000 brakes were checked during the recent event; 29,000 were equipped with manual slack adjusters and about 64,000 had automatic slack adjusters. CVSA reports that 9 percent of the brakes with manual slack adjusters and 3.7 percent of the brakes with automatic slack adjusters were placed out of service.