Alamo Travel Center to premier drive-in movie

| 9/20/2001

"The snack bar will close in ten minutes!" Is there anyone who grew up with a drive-in movie in their home town that doesn't recall those words? For those of you who have never experienced a drive-in movie or for those of you who relish the thought of revisiting those memories, the Alamo Travel Center in Reno/Sparks, NV, is transforming their center into a drive-in movie theater for truckers on Sept. 29.

The center will premier "Joy Ride," a film about three young people on a cross-country road trip, who play a practical joke on a trucker over the CB. The adventure film is a blend of thrill, comedy and terror that pits the lonely trucker, known only as "Rusty Nail" against the three travelers in a revenge scenario.

Susan Hawk, a professional truckdriver who took part in the first season of the CBS reality-based show "Survivor," will serve as master of ceremonies and hostess. Movie organizers are expecting more than 500 trucks, civic leaders from Reno and Sparks, plus local and Hollywood VIPs to watch "Joy Ride" on a giant 30 by 90-foot screen.

The event also will feature a musical performance by White Line Fever and special movie memorabilia giveaways.

For ticket information, call (775) 355-8888, ext. 263. The Alamo Travel Center is located at Exits 20 and 21 off Interstate 80.