Keep fuel prices in line

| 9/17/2001

In the past week, incidents of fuel gouging has been reported to OOIDA by a steady stream of truckers. The immediate outcry from the gas guzzling public succeeded in stamping out some of the blatant gouging activity and that's something the trucking industry needs to keep that up, says OOIDA.

There are a number of agencies who have jurisdiction to go after price gougers. Several states have anti-gouging regulations that kick in during national and state emergencies. A great number of states appear to be sensitive to this gouging at this time of crisis and many are actively investigating reports. If your wallet has been victimized, keep your receipts and contact the state attorney general's office. For a list, go to

On a federal level, the Department of Energy is also very sensitive to price gouging. This week, the Department of Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham said, "I would encourage consumers who encounter such unjustified prices to seek other stations and bring it to our attention via the Department of Energy hotline," he said. The hotline number is 800-244-3301.