Charleston sends out message: 60 mph means 60 mph

| 9/13/2001

Charleston, SC, police have extra patrols on the street as a new speed limit goes up on Interstate 64/77. The maximum speed was raised on Sept. 10 from 50 mph to 60 mph for all vehicles.

Police Chief Jerry Riffe said his department wants to make sure that drivers within the city limits now know they won't tolerate drivers exceeding the new limit, the Charleston Daily Mail reported. Riffe also said he believes the new speed limit might actually reduce accidents. "Cars traveled at widely varying speeds on I-64 in Charleston," he said. Riffe said officers will monitor traffic on the highway going through Charleston very closely for a while.

"Our officers will be zeroing in on drivers who are driving at unreasonable speeds, weaving, tailgating or operating in any other aggressive or dangerous manner," said Lt. Tim Tucker.